The quantum mechanics of perfect fluids

12.12.2019 14:00 – 16:00

Hydrodynamics of an ordinary inviscid fluid can be systematically described by a classical long distance Effective Field Theory for sound waves. However, this EFT has non-propagating modes and it is hard to make sense of it as a quantum field theory in a standard way. On the other hand we do not know any finite density system at zero temperature that behaves like an ordinary fluid. Whether such systems could exist in principle remains an open question. We attempt to answer it by taking another approach to the quantum mechanics of perfect fluids. We construct a matrix model that describes the perfect fluid dynamics in the continuum limit and study its properties.


Bâtiment: Ecole de Physique

Room 234

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Département de physique théorique


Andrei Khmelnitsky, EPFL

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