Incidence geometry for maximal measurable cocycles of complex hyperbolic lattices (Alessio Savini, UNIGE)

06.10.2020 10:30

The importance of the geometry at infinity has become evident in the study of rigidity of hyperbolic lattices.
In the particular case of complex hyperbolic ones a key role is played by chains, i.e. boundaries of complex geodesics. Burger and Iozzi proved that a measurable chain-preserving map must be induced by a totally geodesic embedding and they used this result to prove the rigidity of the Cartan invariant, a numerical invariant associated to representations.

In this talk we will extend the construction of Burger and Iozzi to the world of measurable cocycles. We are going to show that there exists a well-defined notion of Cartan invariant in this context and we are a going to prove that maximal cocycles are trivializable.

This is a joint work with Marco Moraschini.


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Séminaire Groupes et Géométrie

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Alessio Savini, UNIGE

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Mots clés: groupes et géométrie