Ateliers REGARD | Pushing back against everyday sexism

Ateliers REGARD | Pushing back against everyday sexism


This workshop seeks to increase PhD’s and postdocs’ skills in identifying and countering potential negative effects of sexism in their lives. During the workshop, we will practice techniques and approaches to respond to various professional situations (including those brought by participants). The focus will primarily be on address-ing bias encountered in other people; however, we will also explore how we have each internalized some beliefs that are not necessarily coherent with our professed views. The workshop will follow a 3-part structure:• It’s still alive! – Recognizing and challenging sexism in your life (micro-aggressions, intersectionality, implicit bias, mansplaining)• Sisterhood – Finding mentors and supporting others (amplifying, spotlighting, networking, avoiding anti-mentors)• Self-Care – Choosing your battles and developing your internal compass (self-confidence, legal resources, work/life balance. This workshop is resolutely participative and will employ multiple strategies to promote personal reflection, small group discussion and collaborative problem solving.
Trainer Siara Isaac, teaching advisor, Teaching Support Centre, EPFL

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Service égalité et diversité

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