Islands with Gravitating Baths: Can We Go from EPR to ER

22.04.2021 16:00 – 17:00

We study the Page curve and the island rule for black holes evaporating into gravitating baths, with an eye towards establishing a connection with the ER=EPR proposal. We consider several models of two entangled 2d black holes in Jackiw-Teitelboim (JT) gravity with negative cosmological constant. The first, "doubled PSSY," model is one in which the black holes have end-of-the-world (ETW) branes with a flavour degree of freedom. We study highly entangled states of this flavour degree of freedom and find an entanglement-induced Hawking-Page-like transition from a geometry with two disconnected black holes to one with a pair of black holes connected by a wormhole, thus realising the ER = EPR proposal. The second model is a dynamical one in which the ETW branes do not have internal degrees of freedom but the JT gravity is coupled to a 2d CFT, and we entangle the black holes by coupling the two CFTs at the AdS boundary and evolving for a long time. We study the entanglement entropy between the two black holes and find that the story is substantially similar to that with a non-gravitating thermal bath. In the third model, we couple the two ends of a two-sided eternal black hole and evolve for a long time. Finally, we discuss the possibility of a Hawking-Page-like transition induced by real-time evolution that realises the ER = EPR proposal in this dynamical setting.

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Ronak M Soni, Stanford University, USA

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