AbbVie – Core interests & collaboration opportunities

AbbVie – Core interests & collaboration opportunities

05.05.2021 16:00 – 17:00

Join us at this event with Dr. Joachim Vogt and Dr. Guillaume Delorme from AbbVie to hear their thoughts on potential areas for collaboration, how to create successful partnerships, how to connect and engage with them, what they look for… and much more.

AbbVie is a leading research-driven global biotech company that develops innovative therapies. It is interested in exploring collaboration opportunities with UNIGE and HUG to access external innovation and to identify breakthrough technologies and novel therapeutic modalities developed in our institutions.

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Université de Genève
Faculté des sciences
Section des sciences pharmaceutiques


Joachim Vogt, AbbVie
Guillaume Delorme, AbbVie
Jennifer Cadby, Unitec, UNIGE
Yogeshvar Kalia, Faculté des Sciences, UNIGE

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