DQMP Seminar - Exploring defect and bonding influences in solid ionic conductors

04.05.2021 13:00 – 14:30

Wolfgang Zeier
University of Münster & Helmholtz-Institute Münster, Germany

Exploring defect and bonding influences in solid ionic conductors

The advent of solid-state batteries has spawned a recent increase in interest in lithium conducting solid electrolytes, especially in the lithium thiophosphates. However, many open questions remain when trying to optimize electrolytes and understand solid state battery chemistries.
In this presentation, we will show how an understanding of the structure-transport properties of the lithium argyrodites Li6PS5X can help tailor the ionic conductivity. We show that an anion site-disorder and anionic charge inhomogeneities are important and that tailoring disorder leads to improvements of the conductivity.
Further, we will show how the synthesis procedure via mechanical milling affects the local structure and transport in lithium ion-conducting rare-earth halides, highlighting future approaches for optimization of ionic conductivities.
Lastly, we explore the influence of inductive effects in superionic conductors showing that in Li10GeP2S12, these can strongly affect the ionic transport.

Bio: Wolfgang Zeier received his doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry in 2013 from the Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz under der supervision of Prof. Wolfgang Tremel and Prof. Jeffrey Synder (California Institute of Technology). After postdoctoral stays at the University of Southern California, the California Institute of Technology, and Northwestern University, he was appointed group leader at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, within the framework of an Emmy-Noether research group. Since 2020 he holds a professorship for Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Münster. In addition, he heads a department at the Helmholtz-Institute Münster, Ionics in Energy Storage. His research interests encompass the fundamental structure-to-property relationships in solids, with a focus on thermoelectric and ion-conducting materials, as well as solid-solid interfacial chemistry for all-solid-state batteries.

Organisé par: Prof. Radovan Cerny


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Wolfgang Zeier, University of Münster & Helmholtz-Institute Münster, Germany

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