Swiss start-ups developing Brain Interfaces

Swiss start-ups developing Brain Interfaces

06.05.2021 18:00 – 20:30

We are thrilled to announce the third online conference of the NeuroTech Talk series, dedicated to Swiss start-ups developing Brain Interfaces, co-organized by Innovation Forum Lausanne (IFL) and the Center for Neuroprosthetics (CNP) of EPFL.

Beyond the science behind these applications, the seminars will focus on the personal, entrepreneurial challenges coming with the clinical translation of advances in neurotechnology. Speakers will share their career paths, the choices that brought them where they are today and their advices for PhD students and researchers seeking a future in the medical device industry.

This session taking place on May 6th 2021 at 18:00 CET will focus on Swiss start-ups developing Brain Interfaces. The speakers will be:
• Nicolas Vachicouras, PhD, CEO & co-Founder, Neurosoft Bioelectronics. The Neurosoft team is working on developing soft implantable electrodes to seamlessly interface with the nervous system;
• Moritz Thielen, PhD, CTO, at IDUN Technologies where they are developing novel electrode technology for non-invasive brain activity recording;
• André Mercanzini, PhD, CEO & co-Founder, Aleva Neurotherapeutics. André and his team have developed a high resolution neurostimulation platform that delivers therapy with high selectivity.
Registration for the conference is mandatory and can be carried out for free here:

The link to access the online conference will be communicated after registration. Be sure to stay tuned for future events in this talk series.


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