Talk Elise S. Dan-Glauser (University of Lausanne)

21.09.2021 12:15 – 13:15

The power of choice
In search of the factors governing the efficacy of Situation selection used as an emotion regulation strategy

Emotions arise quickly in response to changes in the environment and help individuals modify their behaviors for adaptive purposes. Due to individual preferences or social rules, emotions rarely occur without alterations. Emotional processes are thus almost always modified through emotion regulation. Situation Selection is an emotion regulation strategy that consists in choosing the emotional situation to come. Two mechanisms can lead to its regulatory effect. One relates to the evaluation of options, with individuals generally choosing the most positive and least stimulating option. The other mechanism assumes that the mere fact of having the choice of the upcoming emotional situation is already regulative in itself, regardless of 1) what is chosen, 2) whether the options are meaningful, or 3) if the situation is actually lived. I will present various studies in our laboratory, which have tested this second mechanism and its effect on emotional experience, expressivity and physiological changes. Overall, these studies demonstrate that Situation Selection is an effective strategy for emotion regulation, and that its effects are not only due to what is chosen or the ensuing situation, but also to the simple fact of choosing. Future directions in the realm of research on emotion regulation efficacy will also be discussed.


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Elise S. Dan-Glauser, University of Lausanne

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