Ethics and Data : a Digital Responsibility Issue

15.09.2021 09:00 – 12:00

Our society has evolved to the point where it is driven by digital services and data, for good or for bad; the future will tell. On that path of digital transition, young researchers must be acutely aware of their digital actions. This session aims at raising awareness on the increasing responsibility we have as researchers facing the digitization of our society by introducing simple and concrete elements that can be leveraged to assess ethical and social issues in this context of a service and data driven society.


FacLab, CUI
Battelle, Bâtiment A
Route de Drize 7
1227 Carouge
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Rectorat et administration centrale


Jean-Henry Morin, Prof, Institute of Information Service Science

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Catégorie: Atelier

Mots clés: Ethics, digital


Date limite d'inscription: 14.09.2021

Dedicated to PhD and post-doctoral students
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