Correlated Matter & Light Conference

Correlated Matter & Light Conference

07.09.2022 09:00 – 09.09.2022 17:00

The scope of this conference is defined broadly as physics and spectroscopy of correlated quantum matter. It will be represented, in particular, by the topics:

-Electron correlations
-Charge-spin-lattice couplings
-Topological materials
-Low-dimensional materials
-Optical and electron spectroscopies

An additional theme of this event is to honor the retirement of Prof. Dirk van der Marel, one of the leaders in the spectroscopy of quantum correlated matter for 40 years.

The conference is open to researchers, engineers and students, either in presence or online. The three-day program includes invited talks and contributed posters. Young scientists and female participants are highly welcome.


Bâtiment: Ecole de Physique

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Département de physique de la matière quantique

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Date limite d'inscription: 01.09.2022

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