Should we still talk about Crises ?

Should we still talk about Crises ?

08.12.2022 11:45 – 13:45

The word crisis as used today may not lead to the way “out” rather it paralyses and has the potential to increase fear and may go as far as petrifying people. The other way round, flexibility and adaptability are the qualities – this holds true for the individual as for the society. The freedom to think different ways, the creativity of each and everyone. There is a need for systems thinking, for plurality. These days the WHO International negotiating board is trying to get a pandemic treaty or equivalent instrument to handle pandemics globally. 194 member states of WHO and important stakeholders are working since the beginning of 2022. A very important part of such a global instrument should be the inbuilt flexibility and continuous possibility to adapt the regulations that will be decided. Only with this kind of flexibility stability is guaranteed. The ancient Greek meaning of crisis should be the guiding principle: decisions have to be taken, there are analyses and their results and every now and then there maybe a separation as the consequence of the analysis.


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Bettina Borisch, Editor in Chief Pathobiology, Executive Director of the World Federation of Public Health Associations

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