Reducing Severity: Implementation of supportive care measures in animal experiments

Reducing Severity: Implementation of supportive care measures in animal experiments

27.02.2023 13:00 – 16:45

Animal experiments may induce different levels of pain, distress or suffering in the animals used.Refinement methods can reduce such suffering or improve animal welfare. When applied to scientific procedures, they can significantly help to reduce the actual severity of specific procedures and models.In this half day, free workshop we will introduce simple supportive measures and strategies to reduce
suffering and improve animal welfare. We have invited several international experts to introduce refinement strategies for their specific research areas. Participants will also have the possibility to exchange refinement options for their own experiments with peers and experts.

Accreditation for 0.5 day of continuous education for persons performing animal experiments requested


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Expérimentation animale


Paulin Jirkof, Office for Animal Welfare and 3R, University of Zurich
Susi Heiden, Animal Welfare, University of Basel
Anne Zintzsch, Animal Welfare, University of Basel
F. Claire Hankenson, University Laboratory Animal Resources, Pathobiology, University of Pennsylvania
Penny Hawkins, Animals in Science Department, RSPCA
Ronaldo M. Ichiyama, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Leeds
Richard O. Williams, Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford
Colin Gilbert, The Babraham Institute, Cambridge
Barney Reed, Animals in Science Department, RSPCA,
Michael Fischer, FMH for neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy

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Date limite d'inscription: 20.02.2023

Participation is free but registration until 20th of
February 2023 is required

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