The $\phi^4_3$ model and towards Segal's axioms

20.03.2023 16:15 – 18:15

he $\phi^4_3$ model is a 3-dimensional non-Gaussian Euclidean QFT. Showing existence of such a measure was one of the highlights of the constructive QFT programme in the '70s. In this talk I will describe joint work with Trishen Gunaratnam in analysing how different $\phi^4_3$ models glue together on cylinders.


Bâtiment: Conseil Général 7-9

Room 1-15, Séminaire "Maths-Physique"

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Section de mathématiques


Nikolay Barashkov, Helsinki

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Catégorie: Séminaire

Mots clés: mathématique physique