31.05.2023 11:30 – 12:30

Kimberly Kline, PhD-MPH “Dissecting the complexity of biofilm-associated infections”
Thilo Köhler, PhD “Surface sensing and bacterial interspecies competition”
Sandra Geslain (PhD student, Valentini lab) “RNA degradation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: breaking the path to virulence”
Mélanie Roch, PharmD (Kelley lab) “What’s in a fold? A strategy to restore beta-lactam activity in multidrug resistant Gram-positive bacteria”
Emilie Trachsel, PhD (Viollier lab) “Understanding (or not) antibiotic permeability using leaky mutants”
Diego Andrey, MD-PhD “Tackling WHO Priority 1 antibiotic-resistant K. pneumoniae pathogen: molecular surveillance and novel phage-based approaches”


CMU - Auditoire Franceschetti (C150)
Host: Patrick Viollier

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Faculté de médecine
Département de microbiologie et médecine moléculaire

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