Cet événement appartient à: Geneva Summer Schools 2024 (27.05.2024 – 06.09.2024)
Global Health: Advocacy and Diplomacy in Action

Global Health: Advocacy and Diplomacy in Action

01.07.2024 – 05.07.2024

The course focuses on preparing policymakers and professionals in health-related fields to navigate complex global health policy, advocacy, and diplomacy.

It covers topics such as global health governance, public policy making in global health, advocacy methods and strategies for health, intersectoral approaches to health policy and advocacy, such as health and foreign policy and health and climate change.

The program extends over a five-day period, incorporating lectures, a simulation exercise, case studies, and visits to prominent organizations. Participants have the opportunity to earn 3 ECTS credits by reflecting on simulation exercises and key learnings.

The objective is to empower attendees with essential skills for active participation in the changing realm of global health policy and advocacy



Organisé par

Université de Genève
Geneva Summer Schools
Global Studies Institute (GSI)


Michaela Told, Visiting Lecturer,, University of Geneva & Director of HI5 Governance
Susan Brown, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Women in Global Health

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Catégorie: Formation

Mots clés: Global Health, advocacy, diplomacy


Date limite d'inscription: 15.04.2024

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