Cet événement appartient à: Geneva Summer Schools 2024 (27.05.2024 – 06.09.2024)
SDG Summer School

SDG Summer School

01.07.2024 – 26.07.2024

Join the SDG Summer School and make a real impact! Partner with the UN and other international organizations to tackle sustainable development challenges using crowdsourcing and open-source solutions. Be a part of the change-makers shaping a sustainable future!

The SDG Summer School focuses on team-based problem solving and hands-on prototype development, guiding participants from conception to practical demos.The aim is to empower future innovators to actively address global challenges and impact the SDGs.

Mentors from Geneva-based international organizations provide challenges and field experience.

Inspired by Jean Piaget's challenge-based learning approach, the program encourages crowdsourced creativity, following his philosophy from his 50-year tenure at the University of Geneva.


Open Solution Space

Organisé par

Université de Genève
Geneva Summer Schools
Faculté d'économie et de management


Francois Grey, Full professor, University of Geneva

entrée payante, 400.00 francs (inscription requise)
entrée payante pour les personnes externes, 2100.00 francs (inscription requise)


Catégorie: Formation

Mots clés: SDG, open source, Global Health


Date limite d'inscription: 15.04.2024

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