"Geometric representations of Artin groups" (Luis Paris, Université de Bourgogne)

22.02.2024 16:15

We are interested in the interaction between two families of groups: on the one hand, that of mapping class groups, and, on the other hand, that of simply laced Artin groups. The \emph{mapping class group} of a compact oriented surface, $\Sigma$, denoted by $\MM (\Sigma)$, is the group of isotopy classes of homeomorphisms of $\Sigma$ which preserve the orientation. A \emph{simply laced Artin group} is a group defined by relations of the form $x y = y x$ and $x y x = y x y$. The aim of the talk is to explain how to construct homomorphisms from simply laced Artin groups to mapping class groups, and to explain their usefulness.

The Colloquium will by followed by an aperitif.


Bâtiment: Conseil Général 7-9

Room 1-15, Colloque de mathématiques

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Luis PARIS , Université de Bourgogne

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