Novartis - Core interests & collaboration opportunities

Novartis - Core interests & collaboration opportunities

17.04.2024 16:00 – 17:30

Join us at this event to hear our speakers' thoughts on potential areas for collaboration with Novartis, funding opportunities to support innovative research, how to connect and engage with them, how to create successful partnerships, and much more.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session and an aperitif.


Bâtiment: CMU

Auditoire A250

Centre médical universitaire
Rue Michel-Servet 1
1206 Genève

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Coralie Honegger, Lead Ecosystem Suisse Romande, Novartis Pharma Switzerland
Olivier Leupin, Academic Partnerships & External Innovation, Novartis Biomedical Research
Guillaume Perriard, Medical Lead in Medical Affairs, Novartis Pharma Switzerland
Yogeshvar Kalia, Professor, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Geneva
Jennifer Cadby, Unitec, UNIGE

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Catégorie: Conférence

Mots clés: Innovation, Networking


Date limite d'inscription: 16.04.2024

Registration: This event is free but registration is mandatory.

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