Social Media Management: A Strategy Development Framework

Social Media Management: A Strategy Development Framework

28.06.2024 08:15 – 18:00

Every organization is on social media nowadays, wanting to increase its visibility, to be discovered by prospects, to better know their customers and to interact with them. But is it? In an ever evolving sociologic and algorithmic landscape, how to make sure social media management is truly integrated to the global marketing and communications strategy? And then, how to measure the results?
The objective of this seminar is to offer participants a framework to develop a social media strategy and processes that allows them to reach objectives related to their business model and to measure those by setting up specific key success indicators, as well as preventing and reacting to online crises in an integrated, efficient, process based way.

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Yan Luong, Communication specialist

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Catégorie: Séminaire

Mots clés: social media, social media strategy, online crisis


Date limite d'inscription: 14.06.2024

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