« Chiaroscuri : Arts et sexualités à Rome » Une summer school à l'Istituto svizzero de Rome

« Chiaroscuri : Arts et sexualités à Rome » Une summer school à l'Istituto svizzero de Rome

07.07.2024 09:00 – 12.07.2024 18:00

The aim of the summer school « Chiaroscuri : Arts et sexualités à Rome » is to invite master students from partner institutions (CH/IT) to explore the question of figurative imagery at the crossroads of the sacred and the sexual, questioning Christianity and sexuality. Between the arts, sexual issues and religion, censorship, taboos and morality, examples from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance will be combined with modern and contemporary narratives to reflect on the public and political dimensions of sexuality in past and present Italy.

This summer school will focus on the interstices of these subjects, and in particular on all their nuances of 'chiaroscuri', as conveyed by the arts in Rome and Italy. On the basis of the theoretical approaches shared during the week, the workshops and the guided tours, the students will work as groups to present their research using a variety of artistic practices: video, photography, drawing, painting, collage, sound, photo-novel, installation, field notebook and performance. These presentations could be further developed as part of new partnership projects between the three institutions offering this Summer School.


Istituto Svizzero, Rome
Villa Maraini
Via Ludovisi 48
00187 Rome, Italy

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Centre Maurice Chalumeau en sciences des sexualités (CMCSS)

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Date limite d'inscription: 30.04.2024

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