Talk Claudia Schneider (CISA lecture)

18.06.2024 12:15 – 13:15

Feeling our way to greener pastures: Understanding the role of emotions in shaping and motivating sustainable behaviour

Faced with global challenges, such as climate change, strategies to mitigate damage and foster more sustainable lifestyles are greatly needed. Understanding why humans do or do not engage in sustainability is a crucial part of tackling the environmental crisis and fostering positive social and environmental change. Emotions play a pivotal role in guiding human behaviour. Can they lead us to greener pastures? Research has been highlighting their potential in the environmental domain. However, care and caution are needed when for instance employing them in intervention and messaging contexts to avoid unintended effects, and many important questions remain unanswered. In my talk, I will present an overview of several research projects that investigate the role of affect and emotions in shaping and motivating sustainability.



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Bâtiment: Campus Biotech


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Centre interfacultaire en sciences affectives (CISA)


Claudia Schneider , University of Canterbury, New Zealand

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Catégorie: Séminaire

Mots clés: CISA, Emotions, climate change, sustainable behaviour, role of emotions, Green

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