10th MaNEP Winter School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland

10th MaNEP Winter School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland

12.01.2025 11:00 – 17.01.2025 16:00

We are glad to inform our members that the next MaNEP Winter School is scheduled for January 12 to 17, 2025 in Saas-Fee.

The school aims at a broad introduction to contemporary topics in condensed matter physics and targets an audience at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels.

This year’s special focus is on understanding and creating new correlated phases in quantum materials in and out-of-equilibrium. The longer lectures are dedicated to the experimental exploration of nonequilibrium phenomena and to the strategies used to design and synthesize new materials. Theoretical lectures will address the physics of van der Waals materials and fractional Chern insulators, as well as superconductors. Four shorter lectures will complement them with further theoretical and experimental background about correlated quantum matter.

In MaNEP’s tradition, we anticipate a warm and interactive atmosphere between participants, lecturers and organizers. We invite all interested participants to register on the school website (https://saasfee25.manep.ch).

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Saas-Fee, Switzerland

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Département de physique de la matière quantique

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