Nonperiodic multiscale problems: Some recent numerical advances (Frédéric Legoll, Paris)

10.10.2017 14:00

The Multiscale Finite Element Method (MsFEM) is a Finite Element type approach for multiscale PDEs, where the basis functions used to generate the approximation space are precomputed and are specifically adapted to the problem at hand. The computation is performed in a two-stage procedure: (i) a offline stage, in which local basis functions are computed, and (ii) a online stage, in which the global problem is solved using an inexpensive Galerkin approximation. Several variants of the approach have been proposed and a priori error estimates have been established.

We will review some recent progresses on the approach, aiming at:
(i) developping a more robust method, less sensitive to the geometry of the heterogeneities;
(ii) understanding the approach in contexts more general than the classical purely diffusive context;
(iii) designing a posteriori error estimates, on the basis of which a strategy for adaptive discretization can be introduced.

This talk is based on joint works with L. Chamoin, C. Le Bris, A. Lozinski and F. Madiot.


salle 623, Séminaire d'analyse numérique

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Section de mathématiques


Frédéric Legoll , Ecole des Ponts et Inria Paris

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