Multilevel nonoverlapping Schwarz methods for particle transport problems in diffusive media (Pablo Lucero, Heidelberg)

19.09.2017 11:15

We present a multigrid preconditioned, asymptotic preserving, weakly penalized discontinuous Galerkin method using non-overlapping Schwarz smoothers to solve a frequency and angle dependent radiative transfer equations with applications in particle transport through diffusive media. Our methodology pursues a scalable implementation in order to address large scale calculations arising from applications such as astrophysics, atmospheric radiation calculations and nuclear applications. Frequencies are addressed by a multigroup approach and angles by discrete ordinates, nonoverlapping Schwarz smoothers are based on solving full local radiative transfer problems for each grid cell which are performed in parallel on a matrix-free implementation. In several tests we show the robustness of the approach for different mesh sizes, cross sections, frequency distributions and anisotropic regimes.


salle 623, Séminaire d'analyse numérique

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Pablo Lucero, University of Heidelberg

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