A Review of Domain Decomposition Methods for the Helmholtz equation (Hui Zhang , Zhejiang Ocean University, China)

07.05.2019 14:00

The Helmholtz equation has a simple form but substantial difficulties for numerical computations. Iterative solvers have not yet reached linear complexity like for Laplace's equation, and are even further from being good for parallel computing. In this talk, we review some special techniques developed for the Helmholtz iterative solvers, in particular, the transmission conditions. Different variants of the algorithms are put in relation and their equivalent convergence is shown. The content is mainly about the algorithms and numerical examples, and accompanied with Fourier analysis.


Room 623, Séminaire d'analyse numérique

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Section de mathématiques


Hui Zhang, Zhejiang Ocean University, China

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Mots clés: analyse numérique