Conservative stabilized Runge—Kutta methods for the Vlasov—Fokker—Planck equation (Ibrahim Almuslimani, INRIA Rennes and Université de Rennes 1)

09.12.2022 11:00

In this work, we aim at constructing numerical schemes, that are as efficient as possible in terms of cost and conservation of invariants, for the Vlasov—Fokker—Planck system coupled with Poisson or Ampère equation. Splitting methods are used where the linear terms in space are treated by spectral or semi-Lagrangian methods and the nonlinear diffusion in velocity in the collision operator is treated using a stabilized Runge—Kutta—Chebyshev (RKC) integrator, a powerful alternative of implicit schemes. The new schemes are shown to exactly preserve mass and momentum. The conservation of total energy is obtained using a suitable approximation of the electric field. An H-theorem is proved in the semi-discrete case, while the entropy decay is illustrated numerically for the fully discretized problem. Numerical experiments that include investigation of the bump-on-tail instability are performed to illustrate the efficiency of the new schemes.


Bâtiment: Conseil Général 7-9

New time: Friday 9th December 2022
Conference room, 8th floor, Séminaire d'analyse numérique

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Ibrahim Almuslimani, INRIA Rennes and Université de Rennes 1

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