Workshop "Non-parametric Data Analysis"

Workshop "Non-parametric Data Analysis"

25.02.2020 14:00 – 17:00

Non-parametric Data Analysis

Conventional statistical tests and models (e.g., t-test, linear regression) depend on assumptions that are frequently violated in data. For some such violations, alternative methods have been developed which are called "non-parametric", and relax some of the distributional assumptions of conventional parametric tests. In this workshop, I give a practical introduction to non-parametric data analysis, focusing on (a) the relative importance of different statistical assumptions, (b) how to best check these assumptions, and (c) permutation testing as a general-purpose option for non-parametric data analysis. The workshop will also focus on dispelling common misconceptions about non-parametric methods, and include some interactive demonstrations of statistical concepts. Slides will contain R code which can be executed in parallel with the lecture, and for which you are invited to bring your laptop.

- Assumptions in parametric data analysis
- Checking assumptions and applying corrections
- Non-parametric data analysis
- Permutation testing
- Miscellaneous non-parametric methods

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